Climate Change Action Plan

The Climate Change Working Group, a pre-existing working group within the overarching Sustainable Peterborough implementation framework, worked on community specific aspects of the plan with an objective of advancing climate change actions and education on the community impacts of climate change.

This group involved a mix of internal and external interested parties and experts with technical and high level policy expertise in areas related to sustainability, energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, and climate change policy. This group has since disbanded to form the Community Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), with the same objectives and goals they previously held.  

A second working group was formed from the Corporate Stakeholder Subcommittee to create the Local Government Climate Change Working Group (CCWG). This group originally provided input and direction on internal corporate/ municipal operations and policy considerations for the 12 local government partners, as well as the local utilities. This group continues to include representatives from each of the 12 local government partners and local utility provides, while providing ongoing support and input for the direction of internal municipal operations and policies. 

The purpose of both the Community CCWG and the Local Government CCWG is to work towards the CCAP GHG reduction targets and actions outlined in the plan, all the while ensuring that we as a community are adapting to our changing climate.

Specifically, both working groups have agreed to work towards the following objective, based on the five areas of focus:

  • Objective: advance and collaborate on climate change actions.
    1. Raise awareness and capacity in the community on the impacts of climate change and potential actions across the Greater Peterborough Area;
    2. Mitigation: through the PCP program, identify and address local sources of GHG emissions by developing local GHG inventories, setting GHG reduction targets, developing and carrying out local climate change action plans;
    3. Adaptation: prepare and implement a regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan;
    4. Corporate Climate Change: commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing organizational and institutional and act on climate change; and
    5. Community Climate Change: increase awareness, knowledge, personal, and community action and commitment to reducing GHG locally and regionally, while improving community and personal resiliency.

Climate Change Working Group Terms of Reference

Reports and Presentations 

EBR submission from City of Peterborough for Cap and Trade – April 7, 2016

AMO Submission to ON Govt on Bill172 – April 2016

Cap and Trade Info Sheet

Climate Change Working Group Position Paper on Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper

Greater Peterborough Area Climate Changing Scoping Document, prepared for the Climate Change Working Group

Lessons Learned for Public Health Adaptation to Extreme Precipitation and Flooding in the Context of Climate Change – report by Karen Morrison, Ph.D.

Climate Change Communication (by Margo Perun)

GPA Climate Change Action Plan – Presentation by LURA Consulting, June 25, 2015

GPA Climate Change Action Plan – Presentation by LURA Consulting, January 15, 2015

GPA Climate Change Action Plan – Presentation by LURA Consulting, November 21, 2014

LURA Consulting Handout – November 21, 2014

Meeting Minutes

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