Theme 4: Power Off and Play!

Theme 4, “POWER Off and Play!” aims to reduce children’s recreational and sedentary screen time.

Too much screen time can harm early brain and language development, physical health and psychological well-being, and takes time away from healthy activities, like playing, moving and reading.

kid playing in snowFrom January – September 2018, watch for ideas to help children and families build a balanced day that:

  • Stays within recommended screen time limits
  • Puts screens away during important times of day (e.g. bed time, during meals and snacks)
    Replaces some screen time with other activites (physical activities, social interactions, and educational activites)

It’s all about powering off devices and playing more!

There were many exciting projects in this Theme, with partnerships from a variety of community agencies. A summary of our Theme 4 projects is available at this link.


Let’s find a healthy balance

kid in swingKids love to learn and play on their devices. But when they spend lots of time in front of screens, they have less free time for other healthy activities. That’s why finding a healthy balance is important. Play supports a child’s development and contributes to their physical, social and emotional well-being. We can help our kids build a balanced day filled with plenty of physical activity, face-to-face interactions, family time and fun. It all starts when you encourage them to power off and play!

Information for Parents

mom and kid playing


  • Teach students about screen time limits
  • Take it outside! Provide daily opportunities for outdoor play. Encourage screen free recesses.
  • Create a clothing bank with extra mitts and hats for students who come unprepared for the weather to fully particpate in outdoor play.
  • Implement a screen free policy during nutrition breaks to encourage students to eat their meals and soicalize with their peers.
  • Encourage school staff and parent volunteers to model healthy screen time behaviour. Put devices away!
  • Use screens for educational purposes when it is the best medium for the learning objectives.
  • Have students build their best week using the fun Placemat Activity!

Sports and Recreation

Peterborough Petes encourage you to power off and play!

kid playing

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