Sustainable Peterborough Coordinating Committee Recruitment and Selection

Sustainable Peterborough has spent the last couple of years conducting an extensive organizational review, including a governance and plan review. This comprehensive work facilitated many insightful conversations and led to the decision that the new Sustainable Peterborough Plan should focus on helping the community implement and track progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Utilizing the SDG framework provides an opportunity for Sustainable Peterborough to continue the SDG work conducted through the 2019-2021 Community Forum led by Kawartha World Issues Centre and GreenUP. The SDG framework also aligns SP’s new strategic plan and Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development’s (PKED) Future Ready Regional Economic Development Strategy – Sustainable Peterborough has been operating under the auspices of PKED since its inception in 2012, and a recent governance review has led to the mutually supported decision that this relationship continues.

Our new Strategic Plan was recently approved by the Sustainable Peterborough Coordinating Committee (SP CC) and the PKED Board of Directors. Work is already underway on Objective 1 of the new Strategic Plan. As such, Sustainable Peterborough is presently in the process of recruiting and selecting new members to sit on the SP CC. The SP CC shall consist of no less than 9 and no more than 12 members, with a proposed 2-year term length. The SP CC will have an overseeing, advisory role, meeting two or three times per year or as needed. 

Interested individuals are welcome to apply by filling out this skills matrix and emailing it to Anca Pascalau, Sustainable Peterborough Coordinator, at no later than July 5th. The Executive Committee will review the submissions and all applicants will be notified with the decision by the end of July.