Theme 2: Water Does Wonders

girl drinking waterFind out how to make water the way to GO!

This Theme ran from July 2016 to March 2017 and focused on promoting water as the best beverage choice for kids, with activities helping to make water more available and more promoted in the settings that children spend time. Also, educating children and key adult influencers about sugar-sweetened beverages include fruit juice, chocolate milk, sports drinks, soft drinks, etc. and providing tips and strategies for how to cut back consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

A summary of our Theme 2 projects is available at this link.

Theme 2 Parent Fact Sheet

Water is the Way to Go! – Answers for Parents and Caregivers

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Get more information about healthy drinks for kids, including during sports

Find out how adults, youth, and kids can stay hydrated.

Lean about caffeine and amounts that are considered safe

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Water in the Community

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Theme 2 Brief Project Descriptions

boy drinking waterThere were 11 main projects with 7 agencies and 3 municipalities leading these projects. Partnerships included the YMCA, GreenUP, PRHC, YWCA/Nourish Project, Recreation departments in the City and County, Child Care networks and local School Boards. In addition to the projects, February was celebrated as “Water Month”, with activities and celebrations of water happening in schools, child care sites, and via social media channels with several contests.

Peterborough Public Health – You’re the Chef (December – March)
You’re the Chef is a three-part series of food literacy and educational activities offered in the after-school setting. This program will promote water as the recommended replacement for sugar-sweetened beverages, promote vegetable and fruit consumption and teach food literacy skills to children to enable them to prepare their own healthy meals and drinks.

Investing in Quality (Child Care and Early Learning) – Water Bottles for All (November – March)
This project focuses on healthy beverage choices in the Child Care setting and will offer appropriate training to child care staff (including policy options), education information for staff and parents/caregivers, supportive environment components (free water bottles), and will lead and promote opportunities for interactive and educational family-focused activities and events.

Peterborough Regional Health Centre – Water by Choice (December – March)
Water by Choice will offer an informative and engaging seminar workshop to parents, children and community members who work with children (e.g. coaches, leaders, etc.) focused on offering practical strategies to change behaviours. Attendees can participate in a “Challenge” to facilitate behaviour change and for a chance to win prizes.

GreenUP – Blue W Peterborough (December – March)
The Peterborough Blue W project will work with the local municipalities, businesses, and local institutions to identify accessible locations where water bottles can be refilled, and to communicate these locations using on online tool, a printed map, decals. This project will build upon the national Blue W project.

YWCA/Nourish – Cultivating Water Ambassadors (December – March)
We will develop and test a curriculum to support Indigenous children, 8 to 12 years of age, in becoming water ambassadors. Divided into four phases, the curriculum will include cultural and hands-on sessions so that the youth gain a life-long taste for water as the best source of hydration

Peterborough Public Health – Sip Smart!™ Ontario (January – March)
PPH will promote and support implementation of this evidence based school program with local school communities (students, families, teachers, administrators, parent councils). Additional resources will be tailored and shared in local recreational settings where children play to raise awareness, educate, and create change promoting water as a healthy beverage and the recommended replacement for sugar-sweetened beverages.

Peterborough Public Health – Water for Learning (November – January)
Water for Learning will help create supportive school environments for healthy hydration. Relevant school-based research and practices will be synthesized and shared with administrators and educators, linking to student well-being and learning within Ontario’s Healthy Schools framework. We intend to share practical resources with educators (e.g. Sip Smart!™ Ontario) at a learning day.

Cross-municipality collaboration – Hydration station installations (November – March)
A financial assistance program available to the City and 8 Townships of Peterborough, 2 First Nations communities, and Not For Profit Organizations, to help support the costs associated with installing water hydration stations at parks, community centres, etc. Successful applicants are required to make commitments to promote water at their facility and consider further actions to promote