Original SP Plan

Cover of the March 2012 Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan, depicting a parent and child standing at the water's edge of a local freshwater lake The Sustainable Peterborough Plan was developed over the period of September 2010 – April 2012. It is the guide to our path to a Sustainable Peterborough. Each component of the plan has been defined by our community. Each component is explained below:

Vision–This is the overall vision for community sustainability in 25 years from now. All actions taken in the future should move the Greater Peterborough Area closer to its Vision.

PrinciplesPrinciples provide our community and the Sustainable Peterborough team with guidance in developing our Themes, Goals, Strategic Directions, and Priority Actions, as well as guidance in future decision-making.

Themes–A Theme is a specific focus area of Sustainable Peterborough that has emerged as an area of importance to our community and supports achievement of the overall Vision, such as energy, climate change, water, or economic development and employment. Each Theme overlaps considerably with each one of the three pillars. For example, developing a sustainable building would touch on energy, water, waste, transportation and land use planning.

Goals-Describes what each Theme looks like if our Vision is achieved. The Goal statement describes what success looks like in a sustainable future for this Theme, aligned with the Vision and ultimately the Principles. It generally takes the form of a statement of the highest aspirations and purpose for the community system combined with a number of long-term Strategic Directions that provide further detail.

Strategic Directions-Are high level objectives that are intended to provide strategic guidance on moving from the Current Condition to the Goal developed for each Theme.

Priority Actions-Certain actions have been identified as Priority Actions which, through consultation, have continuously been cited as projects or initiatives that should be the immediate focus for Sustainable Peterborough.

The Sustainable Peterborough Plan in its entirety is laid out below so that it can be accessed in individual pieces.

Sustainable Peterborough Plan (52 pages, 2.07 MB)
Appendix A – Priority Actions (41 pages, 889 KB)
Appendix B – List of Potential Initiatives (30 pages, 833 KB)
Appendix C – Sustainable Peterborough Toolbox (54 pages, 1.2 MB)
Appendix D – Developing Sustainable Peterborough through Community Collaboration (24 pages, 1.47 MB)
Appendix E – Current Conditions Report (91 pages, 1.73 MB)
Appendix F – Suggested Resolution of Council for Municipal Partners (3 pages, 525 KB)
Appendix G – Report Card Indicator Framework (8 pages, 466 KB)
Appendix H – Funding Sources (28 pages, 787 KB)
Annexes (107 pages, 2.98 MB)