Sustainable Peterborough Business Initiative

A business-to-business network supporting Peterborough enterprises as we work together towards the Economic Development & Employment goals, strategic direction and priority actions outlined in Sustainable Peterborough. SPBI Terms of Reference.

Objective: to educate, motivate and empower local businesses to become more sustainable.

  1. Educate: inform local SMEs of the concept of business sustainability or “smart business” 
  2. Motivate: inspire local SMEs by highlighting benefits and utilizing local success stories
  3. Empower: provide local SMEs with the tools to move towards sustainability 

Check out the SPBI toolkit often!  This dynamic and evolving local resource collection is created by the SPBI working group.  

If you have feedback, suggestions or resources to add to the tool kit please share them with us; send your submissions to .

The SPBI Toolkit provides insight and practical resources on the opportunities and challenges facing the local business community in order to do better business as we progress towards an improved, more sustainable future.


The SPBI group is always looking to expand its membership with representation from different sectors and perspectives. Join us in our quarterly meetings by connecting with one of our co-chairs.

Co-Chairs: Craig Mortlock, Mortlock Construction Inc., and Cathy Mitchell, Peterborough Distribution Inc, .

We want to share your sustainability success story! Contact us today to tell us all about your experience and let the community celebrate with you. @sustainableptbo #SPBI

Check out these articles written by Jim Hendry and published in the Peterborough Examiner, depicting the sustainable practices of two business champions, Lansdowne Place and SGS. Both organizations have representatives sitting on the Sustainable Peterborough Business Initiative Working Group!

Sustainable Peterborough Business Initiative Meeting Minutes and Presentations