Two electric bicycles in a park, on grass, by a bench, overlooking the river. Photo credit: Green StreetThe personal vehicle, in large part, remains the dominant method of choice for travel in the Greater Peterborough Area, which can be attributed to the largely rural setting of the community. Our predominate mode of travel is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to road congestion, which impacts our economy and commute times, discourages physical activity, and isolates people from social interaction. This is widely recognized by many as an unsustainable path – one that we must change course on.
Fortunately, the region is home to a dedicated collection of people advocating for reduced reliance on personal vehicles as a means of getting around. This group is actively encouraging the widespread uptake of alternatives such as cycling, walking, public transit, and carpooling. Moreover, there has been a longstanding push in the community to increase connectivity with communities beyond our regional boundaries. This was highlighted in 2009 with the arrival of GO Service and the ongoing support for passenger rail linkages with the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Goal:

We will have an accessible transportation network that places priority on active and efficient modes of transportation.

Strategic Directions:

  • Provide accessible and complete active transportation opportunities that are attractive alternatives to the private automobile.
  • Enhance public transportation that is accessible, affordable, efficient, and effective to support the needs of the community.

Priority Actions:

  • Complete the proposed Short-Term Cycling Network as outlined in the City of Peterborough’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update and integrate it to the greatest extent possible with existing and new cycling trails in the County of Peterborough.
  • Assess innovative solutions to the mobility challenges facing rural people in the Greater Peterborough Area.

Further details on the Transportation Theme Area can be found in this section of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan.

Community Partners’ Sustainable Activities pertaining to Transportation