Nature 1 - Eels Creek Paddle 067The focus of the Sustainable Peterborough Water Working Group is to work collaboratively to help move the Sustainable Peterborough Plan priorities and local opportunities forward. Specially, the SP Plan’s goal for water is to make wise use of water to enhance its quality and quantity, ensuring that future generations will be able to use our water to drink, fish, and swim. Strategic directions include conserving water, recognizing and protecting the ecological functions of the shorelines of water bodies, and protecting watersheds to ensure healthy water quality and quantity.

The three water-related priority actions outlined in the Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan include: establish a water conservation and efficiency program that motivates water consumers and makes available resources for water conservation; find funding that will enable the inventorying and identification of shoreline and wetland areas in need of ecological restoration; and establish an integrated watershed management plan to promote ecological health and sustainability within the Greater Peterborough watersheds.

Otonabee Conservation 2017 Drought Indicator Report

Water Working Group member list

Meeting Minutes #1 – Sept. 16, 2015