Sustainable Peterborough has developed a Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for the Greater Peterborough Area. The Climate Change team is currently transitioning from planning to implementation.

 For more information on the implementation process continue checking this page for updates. 

Collaborative Implementation Group (CIG) Projects

In partnership with ICLEI Canada, the Greater Peterborough Area (including City of Peterborough, County of Peterborough, and townships Douro-Dummer, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, and Selwyn) participated in the Collaborative Implementation Groups (CIG) project. This project targeted municipalities throughout the Great Lakes watershed to identify and implement an adaptation initiative in their community over the period of one year (January 2017 – December 2017). Participants came together at various stages to share experiences, challenges, and opportunities on such items as measuring progress through indicators, project financing, budgeting, scheduling, evaluation, monitoring, and reporting. For more information on the individual projects please click on the corresponding image below.



























Planet Protector Academy

The Planet Protector Academy is an innovative digital-led classroom experience that teaches students about important environmental issues and empowers them to lead change in their families. As part of the Keep Cool Programming, Grade 2 to 6 students become apprentice Planet Protectors and go home on superhero missions to change their families’ energy and transportation habits. Parents report through their children’s Mission Books on the change in their family’s behaviour resulting from the program. 

For more information on the 2016/ 2017 results the final report can be found here. 

CCAP Training Session for Municipal Staff and Politicians 

On Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at the Bridgenorth Community Hall in Selwyn Township we held a training session for all 12 of our municipal partners, extending an invitation to all politicians, staff departments, and community working group members. 

The session included a brief presentation outlining the best-practices and progress made and incentive programs available to municipalities, as well as presentations delivered by our leading partners such as: a roof-top solar pilot on an ambulance in the fleet of the Peterborough-County-City Paramedics, RealIce Technology installed at the Ennismore Arena, and the decision to install a variable frequency drive on motors and pumps at both water and wastewater treatment facilities in Havelock-Belmont-Methuen to name a few. 

To view each presentation click each video below.

CCAP Community Sector Project Profiles

We will continue to populate our database and dashboard and need your help to do so. To get involved please tell us what you are doing to reduce climate change in our community by filling out this downloadable CCAP Project Profiles Community Sector pdf. Once you have completed and saved the pdf email to

Peterborough-Kawarthas-Northumberland Region Envirothon

What is the Envirothon?

The Ontario Envirothon is part of the larger North American Envirothon program.
The program is broken down into Regional Competitions that take place across Ontario and then an Ontario Envirothon Championship that sees the winner from each region come together to compete for the provincial title. Winners of the Ontario Envirothon Championship represent the province at the North American Envirothon Championship that takes place in the summer. Students have the opportunity to win unique prizes and scholarships at all levels along the way.

When is the Envirothon?

We are pleased to announce that the second Peterborough-Kawarthas-Northumberland Regional Envirothon Event will be hosted at Fleming College, Sutherland Campus, workshop and competition days to take place on:

Workshop Day: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Competition Day: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Connecting the Envirothon to CCAP

The Envirothon will engage high school students in learning about the natural environment, the impacts of climate change on each of the four core issues, with a current issue actually being on climate change for the 2017/2018 Ontario Envirothon Event. 

The Envirothon will also touch on some of the actions outlined in the CCAP including and not limited to: youth engagement, fostering a culture of awareness, encouraging civic engagement, and protecting and enhancing natural assets.