Natural Assets

Two people canoeing on a river, by some tall evergreen treesLikely its best known feature and greatest draw, the Greater Peterborough Area has an abundance of natural assets. From the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Southwest to the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site in the Northeast, and the lakes, wetlands, alvars, drumlins, and wildlife in between, the community is rich in diverse natural features. This natural wealth is valued by those both within and outside our community, and maintaining these natural assets is paramount to a Sustainable Peterborough. However, our natural assets are facing many
threats, including development pressures, diminishing biodiversity, climate change, and invasive species, and we must work as a community to ensure the splendour that we so greatly value is there for future generations to enjoy as we do.

Our Goal:

We will preserve, enhance and restore our natural assets to maintain ecological health.

Strategic Directions:

  • Design and manage public green spaces in such a way as to maximize the presence and functions of natural systems.
  • Conserve, manage and enhance our natural areas to foster a diversity of native species and habitat.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the significance of our natural assets.
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of our air.

Priority Actions:

  • Adopt the ‘Kawarthas…Naturally Connected” Natural Heritage System and integrate it into Official Plans.
  • Identify and help access financial incentives for environmentally sound land stewardship practices.

Further details on the Natural Assets Theme Area can be found in this section of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan.

Community Partners’ Sustainable Activities pertaining to Natural Assets