Coordinating Committee Meetings

Our community, the Greater Peterborough Area, has undertaken an exciting journey towards sustainability through the development of our initial Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, known as the Sustainable Peterborough Plan.

A Sustainable Peterborough Coordinating Committee (SPCC) was established in April 2012 to assist with the guidance and implementation of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan. 

Since 2012 our community has changed and evolved, as have the definitions of sustainability and related local programs and initiatives. This led to a much-needed review and refresh of Sustainable Peterborough. Therefore, SP has spent a couple of years conducting an extensive organizational review, including a governance and plan review. This comprehensive work facilitated many insightful conversations and led to the decision that the new Sustainable Peterborough Plan should focus on helping the community implement and track progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As outlined in the new Sustainable Peterborough Strategic Plan, we have revised and streamlined our organizational structure. As part of this process a new Coordinating Committee was established using a skills matrix employed as a tool to ensure diversity of skills, experience, and representation across all sectors. Revised SPCC Terms of Reference were established, as well as a new SPCC Reference Manual.

The SPCC meets three times per year or as needed. Included on this page are all the files and resources presented in all Coordinating Committee meetings, organized by meeting date.