Working Groups

At the inception of Sustainable Peterborough six Working Groups were established to work towards the goals, strategic directions, and priority actions outlined in several of the original Plan’s theme areas.

Since the inception of Sustainable Peterborough in 2012 our community has changed and evolved, as have the definitions of sustainability and related local programs and initiatives. This led to a much-needed review and refresh of Sustainable Peterborough. Therefore, SP has spent a couple of years conducting an extensive organizational review, including a governance and plan review. This comprehensive work facilitated many insightful conversations and led to the decision that the new Sustainable Peterborough Plan should focus on helping the community implement and track progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As outlined in the new Sustainable Peterborough Strategic Plan, we have revised and streamlined our organizational structure, which lead to the elimination of the working groups model. We look forward to continue engaging and working with local governments, First Nations, community groups, organizations, educational institutions, businesses to help advance the UN SDGs. Sustainable Peterborough is proud and grateful for the great work and accomplishments achieved by the working groups, their reports and activities can be viewed on their individual pages.