Cultural Assets

The City of Peterborough and ARTSPACE teamed up on an 'art in motion' public art project.  Jimson Bowler's "Big Loon Portage" won the contest, was recreated and installed as a full bus wrap on a Peterborough Transit bus, pictured here, for a six month period.The Greater Peterborough Area is rich in cultural assets, and ranks highly as one of Canada’s top creative communities. Blessed with a strong heritage, vibrant downtowns, two First Nations communities, an active artistic community, and diverse populations, there are no shortages of cultural experiences to be found throughout the region. The economic benefits associated with fostering a culturally rich community are becoming increasingly recognized, and accordingly, nurturing culture within the Greater Peterborough Area must remain a priority both now and in the future.

Our Goal:

We will support, sustain and promote a wide breadth of community cultures.

Strategic Directions:

  • Support the Greater Peterborough Area as a centre for the arts.
  • Maintain and enhance our cultural spaces.
  • Recognize and celebrate our culture and diversity.
  • Maintain the character of our heritage including our built heritage, our rural characteristics, and landscapes.

 Priority Action:

  • All municipalities in the Greater Peterborough Area should consider developing a Municipal Cultural Plan.

Further details on the Cultural Assets Theme Area can be found in this section of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan. 

Community Partners’ Sustainable Activities pertaining to Cultural Assets