Local resource recovery station: instructions and bins for paper, containers, compost and wasteGenerating waste is a fact of life, and cannot be avoided. However there is no waste in nature, with all materials being recycled and recirculated within the ecosystem. How we handle the waste we generate has significant impacts and we can learn a great deal from nature, with many suggesting that our waste management practices need to better reflect processes found in nature. With both the City and County developing new Waste Management Master Plans, we are well positioned to implement the three Rs hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle and to improve our waste diversion rate over time.

Our Goal:

We will reduce the amount of waste we generate by using resources wisely.

Strategic Directions:

  • Reduce the amount of waste we generate.
  • Reuse materials wherever possible.
  • Maximize diversion of materials from disposal as viable markets and technologies become available.
  • Recover resources where possible.

Priority Actions:

  • Identify and promote opportunities for the reuse or recycling of reusable goods and materials.
  • Establish a curbside organic waste collection program.

Further details on the Waste Theme Area can be found in this section of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan.

Community Partners’ Sustainable Activities pertaining to Waste