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Emerald Ash Borer

As part of its pro-active Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Management Plan and working partnership with Peterborough County, the City of Peterborough has installed the first of its road signs (on The Parkway near Sir Sandford Fleming Drive) to remind visitors and the community about the danger of moving firewood.

“Monitoring the insect and public awareness of the dangers of moving firewood around the region are at the forefront of our management plan” said Paul Hambidge, Urban Forestry Specialist with the City.

Working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the City has deployed 19 insect traps at high risk locations throughout the City.

“Early detection of the insect in Peterborough allows us to manage the impact of the EAB in an efficient and cost-effective way as outlined in the City’s EAB Management Plan” Paul Hambidge said. “Monitoring in this way allows us to detect the insect and act before it reaches damaging levels”.

Public awareness, with an exchange of information, is also high on the agenda with public information centers planned across the community throughout the summer.