City of Peterborough Launches Low Flow Toilet Program

The City of Peterborough is offering a $50.00 per toilet rebate on the purchase and installation of “WaterSense” certified low-flow toilets as part of an effort to conserve water. With toilets using about 30% of domestic in-house water, changing a high-flow toilet to a low-flow toilet can save both water and money!

“This is an excellent incentive based program to help the City of Peterborough conserve water”, said Community Services Director Ken Doherty. “With the adoption of the Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan, this is one of the priority actions that the City can implement immediately. With the water meters coming online in the near future, I would encourage those residents with older, inefficient toilets to consider replacing them through this rebate program.”

For more information on this City of Peterborough initiative click here.