Blowing Recyclables

High winds are forecast to continue throughout this week. In order to reduce the amount of recyclable items blowing around City streets, residents are asked to please wait till the morning of your collection to place blue boxes at the curb.

Tips to avoid blowing recyclables include:

  • Do not to over-fill blue boxes
  • Place paper and flattened cardboard sideways in your “Fiber and Plastic Film” box, rather than piling upwards.
  • Place lighter materials in a secure spot (e.g. put clear plastic trays underneath heavier steel and glass containers).

Residents are encouraged to write their address on their blue boxes, so they can be identified and returned if they should blow away from your property. Lost blue boxes will not be replaced for free.

For more details, please call the City of Peterborough Waste Management Division at 705-742-7777, extension 1657.

This information is also available on the City of Peterborough website