Kyoto Coffee

Kyoto Coffee logoWe love coffee. We also love the idea that coffee can provide trade, not aid, to small crop farmers and co-operatives from around the world. Our company focus is on providing organic, planet-friendly coffee. That’s why we source our beans from companies who import a selection of organic coffee from the finest growing regions of the world. We are also proud supporters of many ethical coffees. The result? Our earth wins, since no chemicals are used and, in many cases, the rainforest is used to help grow the coffee and not torn down. This means that the birds and animals who live in the trees don’t lose their habitat or digest poison, so they also win. The farmer wins because we pay more for that planet-friendly bean. You win because you have great tasting, fresh coffee today with no chemicals and surprisingly, it isn’t as expensive as you might think. Your children win, because every step toward a green future preserves their future.

Sustainable Activities

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