Free Food Films

Free Food Films is committed to fostering sustainability through our work as filmmakers. We are an ad hoc collective of artists, filmmakers, community advocates and producers. We make socially conscious, politically informed films that explore the impact of systemic cultural phenomena in order to raise the profile of invisiblized peoples. We use film as a tool for advocacy and in order to drive and inform discussion and encourage change.

Our current project Pushback focuses on poverty and homelessness in Peterborough, Ontario. Since 2008, Peterborough has struggled with one of the highest rates of unemployment in Canada. Significant efforts have been made to address to problem of homelessness in our community, and yet according to a recent report by the City’s Social Services Department, emergency shelter use has been steadily on the rise. Poverty and homelessness have significant health impacts. The poorest neighbourhoods have the worst quality housing and the worst health profiles. Health impacts of poor housing include increased incidence of illnesses and premature death.

Discussions about sustainability and prosperity in our community need to involve those who are in the greatest need.

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