Elmhirst’s Resort

Elmhirst's Resort logoWe invite you to visit our family owned and operated year round Resort. There are currently three generations living and working on site. This is a lifestyle commitment, not a business. Each aspect of the Resort from cottages to dining to flying to Spa to farm has been developed over the years to meet the needs of our guests. We look forward to meeting your family and sharing history.

The Elmhirst family has made a commitment to sustainability and living off the land. Gardens and beef farm aside, this translates into a new way of thinking and preparing for the future, and embraces eco, agri and culinary tourism. Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. We, the Elmhirst family, are committed to taking care of the land we live on – we think beyond recycling, from planting trees to producing what we need to ensuring future generations continue to prosper on this land.

Elmhirst’s Resort provides employment opportunities, dining and recreation for locals and international clientele 365 days a year. Outdoor activities are promoted – hiking, biking, wind sports and horseback riding. The low density of property development and the golf course next door have allowed us to keep hay fields and walking trails on site.

Capturing the sun with solar panels; heating with a bio-mass boiler; starting our gardens from seed each year in our own greenhouse; producing our own beef, ducks, turkeys and fresh vegetables; creating natural areas to protect the shoreline and encourage eco-systems; keeping beehives for honey; protecting wooded areas and replanting trees on site; partnering with local farmers and producers; recycling and composting; supporting local initiatives such as the TransCanada Trail and the Keene Pumpkin Festival …our commitment to sustainability is strong. We believe you must give back to the industry you earn your living from and to the community you live in.


Sustainable Activities

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