Dr. Doug’s Family Chiropractic

Our practice is specifically designed to align your health from all angles beginning with the Right Mindset. Educating our patients is essential to their success. When our patients understand that true health is in their hands, making any necessary lifestyle changes with the support of our family structured office is so much easier than they ever believed possible.  

Everything we do starts at the Spine, much like the foundation of a home. Working toward a balanced, healthy Nervous System ensures that the Wholesome Nutrients we take in are “building” our bodies toward the best possible health.

Ensuring our bodies are set for success against sickness and disease involves Minimizing the Toxins around us, on us and in us. Our office partners with the best local businesses that provide natural, organic, quality products and foods.

We are designed to move, and heal through movement. We teach our patients how to increase strength, energy, and metabolism with just 12 minute daily workouts. We understand how busy most of our lives are, so spending just 1/96th of your day getting the heart rate up can add years to the life of vitality you were meant to live!  https://ptbochiro.ca/

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