Camp Kawartha

Camp Kawartha logoCamp Kawartha is an innovative environmental learning camp dedicating to fostering stewardship in the Greater Peterborough community and beyond. Reaching over 12,000 participants per year, we teach children, youth and adults about sustainable living, habitat protection and environmental responsibility. We inspire people to value their local environment and we provide them with practical tools and strategies to help create a sustainable future. Our reach continues to grow. Recently we’ve partnered with several cottagers’ associations to create environmental outreach camps. From our nationally recognized Environment Centre, we have expanded our curriculum linked environmental programs. In collaboration with local educators and community leaders, we have been developing an environmental framework so that all children in our region throughout their development will be able to access age appropriate environmental experiences. Our Eco-Mentor Program model, in partnership with Trent University has been adopted by 4 other universities. Our “Be a Water Steward Program” in partnership with the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority has reached over 2,000 students; teaching about shoreline restoration, water conservation and watershed protection. From our unique Oaks and Acorn Program for Parents and Tots to our new environmental kinder camps, we are working hard to create a culture of stewardship that will endure for generations to come.

Sustainable Activities

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