By the Bushel Community Food Co-operative

By the Bushel Community Food Cooperative logoBy The Bushel Community Food Cooperative is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization; is owned by their members who consist of producers, workers and consumers. As the name implies, a cooperative is people coming together to meet a common need. Co-ops keep dollars circulating within the local economy, provides employment and is a means to revitalize and sustain a healthy community. Possessing a high degree of collective entrepreneurship, different skills and resources, the co-op model is inherently ethical in its treatment of its members, employees, suppliers and the environment. BTBCFC was formed as the result of community concerns for the state of our local food system.

Community members (farmers, consumers, advocates and organizers) found creative ways to efficiently, effectively, and positively make this link between the growing of local ecological food with a community of eaters. The vision is to cultivate a sustainable food community and BTBCFC is to take a leading role in developing this local sustainable food system in the Peterborough Area.

Based on a vision for a just, participatory and sustainable economic base for our local food system, BTBCFC coordinates local producers to offer a combination of local certified organic and ecologically sourced products, primarily produce, to local consumers. BTBCFC offers to the Peterborough community food products and weekly produce baskets during the growing season and monthly in the winter.

Awareness of shopping locally has a positive impact on the local economy. Many of our members have gone on to grow their own food and anyone can see the huge increase in local community and home gardens. Eating ecologically grown food which is grown to organic standards not only prevents illness by avoiding chemical toxins and GMOs but creates a sense of well being and peace of mind by the positive thoughts one has while eating.

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