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Art Therapy: Power Wands/Wands of Light

February 25, 2017

Create a wand of light and strength with art therapist Myria Rei Sólas. This ritual is for recognizing and enhancing your personal agency or power. It is not about power "over" someone else but is about being your clearest, strongest, and most able self. It will help to remind you who you truly are, and the possibilities of who you can be. This workshop will help you feel full of positive energy and trust that you have the qualities within you to access in your everyday life. It will be a reminder of your "powerful" self. It will help you access the belief and knowing that you are a human being full of possibility and potential.

Cost: $40 + $5 materials fee on arrival (Contact us for pay what you can options)

Registration is required: 705-874-3553, 

Seeds of Change
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