Partnership Information

Proud Member of Sustainable Peterborough emblem showing the Sustainability Logo and farmland in the backgroundThe goal of Sustainable Peterborough is “caring communities balancing prosperity, well being and nature.” It establishes a solid foundation on which to build a healthy environment, a strong and vibrant social and cultural network, and a prospering economy that can be celebrated by all, for many generations to come.

With all of the municipalities and First Nations within the Greater Peterborough Area adopting the Sustainable Peterborough Plan in 2012, including committing to embedding sustainability into their daily operations, we are now seeking the same support and commitment from our community members.

Organizations throughout our community are already doing things, right now, that are making our community more sustainable. Community partnership is an invitation to share success stories, demonstrate community leadership, and work collaboratively on new opportunities. To showcase our collective success, we create an annual report card highlighting the great initiatives of our partners.

The benefits to a community partnership include:

  • Motivation of employees, stakeholders or residents to be part of a broad-based campaign;
  • Unified action on initiatives that impact upon the community’s identified shared values & priorities;
  • Collective promotion of the Greater Peterborough Area for tourism and economic development;
  • Information sharing through the website and networking opportunities at local events; and
  • Promotion of contributions to local sustainability through Sustainable Peterborough.

If you would like to further discuss the opportunities that a partnership may offer you or you would like to join our growing list of Sustainable Peterborough Community Partners, please contact us at