Ashburnham Realty

ashburnham realty logoAshburnham Realty has owned and managed numerous properties in Peterborough for many years, specializing in both residential, commercial and new development properties.

We are confident that we will meet your expectations when searching for an apartment. Every one of our buildings provides a high standard of living and we take pride in the services provided. Ashburnham Realty is professional and provides clean, quiet apartments at a reasonable cost.

Our company has an monthly energy efficiency contest with some of our buildings that are separately metered or have CARMA systems. We send general reminders to tenants who have a high usage. For tenants who are being energy efficient, we offer a $25.00 gift card to one of our commercial tenants. By doing so, our residential tenants receive an incentive to be more energy efficient and our commercial tenants benefit from our purchase of a gift card from their business. This is one of our favourite monthly things!


Sustainable Activities

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