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    Children Bike Riding in a Local Park

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    We are developing a local Climate Change Action Plan!

Sustainable Peterborough

Sustainable Peterborough is a community based, regional collaborative working to integrate the sustainability framework identified in the Community Sustainability Plan throughout the Greater Peterborough Area. The Sustainable Peterborough Plan defines what a Sustainable Peterborough will look like for the next generation, and sets goals, directions, and actions for balancing the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic pillars of sustainability.

Caring communities balancing prosperity, well-being and nature was the vision created by our community to reflect what the Greater Peterborough Area should look like in 25 years.

The plan was modelled after the Bruntland Commission’s definition of sustainability, namely development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Specifically, it means sustainability that seeks to find a balance between the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic pillars, known as the triple bottom line approach. Furthermore, it is also about maintaining our values and qualities for the next generations to enjoy, while working to mitigate threats to our future. 

Climate Change Action Plan

CCAP photoWe’re developing a Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for the Greater Peterborough Area!  To learn more about this project, please visit our website’s CCAP section.